Muriel CAYET was born in 1961 near Paris. She was mediator during fifteen years, but also literary adviser and training teacher.
This art-therapeutist  is a specialist  in the account of life.
Account of life used as a tool for change of its relation with  "the other", of its own vision, but also as personal development tools.
Colourist painter, she lives and works today in Mareuil sur Arnon  (France).
One could qualify the artist of “travel partner” because the art-therapy is a kind of accompaniment in creation.
“To paint, it's to create oneself”, she said in an interview while speaking about the act of painting.  The non-premeditation in  creative act lets think that there is a vital need behind that. Not only with regard to painting but also for writing.
This is an immediate need to satisfy. This is indeed in this manner that the artist perceives his act of faith through art.
 She says to us this “from the white canvas to the work realized, the major thoughts,  blockings, desires, take form, go back to the shape of random access memory which is expressed with the brush, the notes, the writing or by the movements of the bodies, but they are transformed, sublimated or even more distant”.
It returns us to our self-knowledge, to the knowledge of our limits, of our defects, of our interior structure more or less marked by the life which we convey through the experiment of the ages and through the art,  which  can be painted or written.

 “ Any creation makes it possible to give a meaning to life and (...) a meaning to death… which  makes sense only if it does not represent an absolute end, but a  suspension of existence; the memory, and the memory- works remaining”.
 Muriel CAYET fascinated by  creation and  life is also a philosopher.
 She admits to fill  wonder with nothing. She transforms everything into action, emotion, impulse, energy of life.
She was nominated in 2007, academician of the AIBAQ. She was recognized expert in art by her pars.

Point of view
Muriel CAYET has a large professional knowledge.  The number of distinctions and prices is the first visible sign of her notoriety throughout the world. She is a sure value on the  international art market. She is well known in at least thirteen countries, of which France, the United States, China, Principauté de Monaco, Denmark, Greece, Turkey,  Germany,  Spain, Switzerland, England, Japan and Canada… and nothing lets predict that she will remain about it there. She is an extremely prolific artist having a vast production. The number of its annual exposures is about fifty.