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Expositions permanentes

Galerie Eric Chesnais – Valframbert (61)
Galerie Art et Culture – Saint-Marcel (36)
Galerie Art et Miss – Paris 3e
Galerie Urban – Paris
Galeries des Cigales –Ramatuelle
L’Expo – 12 avenue de la République -  Heyrieu (38)

Manoir des Forges – Pont-Evêque – 38
La Bicyclette Fleurie – Villemoirieu –Crémieu (38)
Hôtel de la Poste à Brioude (43)
Restaurant Couleurs des Thés – Le Puy (43)
Fast Hôtel de Montierchaume (36)
Fast-Hôtel d’Orval (18)
L’Aubergeade à Diou (36)
Golf de Germigny  - 18
Château de la Grand’Cour à Mornay-Berry (18)

Institut Nathaël  - Issoudun (36)
Atelier de Frédérique Azaïs à Vendargues (34)
Musée Expo de BRUX (86)
Alliance Française de Faro – Portugal
NOVOTEL de Bourges (18)
Les Portes de Sologne – Vierzon (18)
Conseil de l’Ordre des Médecins du Cher – Bourges (18)
Artothèque de l’Indre -36
Centre Hospitalier de la Tour Blanche – Issoudun (36)



Expositions 2014


Expositions personnelles 2014

Janvier 2014 : Immobilière GUIGNARD – Argenton sur Creuse (36)
31 mars au 27 avril : Centre Culturel Leclerc de Montmorillon (86)
Avril 2014 : Office de Tourisme de Sens et du Sénonais - Place Jean Jaurès 89100 Sens
Avril 2014 : Espace Glenmor Carhaix (29)
Invitée d’honneur Salon de Lunery (18) pendant le week-end de la Pentecôte
Août 2014 : Galerie Ad Lib Alès (30)
Octobre 2014 : OT de Châteaumeillant (18)
Décembre 2014 : Mairie de Fabrègues (34)


Expositions collectives 2014

31 janvier au 30 avril 2014 : Exposition au FJT Tivoli Initiatives de Bourges (18) avec La Garance Bleue
Du 4 mars au 16 mars 2014 : Salon de l’Atelier de Mareuil et de La Garance Bleue à La Galerie Vagabonde de Selles sur Cher (41)
Du 14 mars ay 29 mars 2014 : Salon européen Galice-Espagne-Photo-Saintes à la Maison de la Culture de Cangas Pontevedra
Du 6 au 21 avril 2014 : 32 e Salon du val de Cher – Saint-Victor (03)
Du 7 juin au 15 juin 2014 : 30e Salon National des Métiers d’Art et des Loisirs Créatifs au Centre Culturel des Aix d’Angillon (18)


 Expositions collectives au Canada

Du 2 février au 16 mars 2014: Lévis et le Fleuve d’est en ouest, d’hier à aujourd’hui – exposition collective – Presbytère Saint-Nicolas, 450 Rue des Pionniers, Saint-Nicolas (Québec-Canada) – Vernissage: le 2 février à 14heures

Du 18 au 23 mars 2014: La Grande Exposition Internationale d’Art Zoom – 7e édition – L’Espace contemporain galerie d’art, 313 rue Saint-Jean, Québec (Québec-Canada) – le vernissage: le mardi 18 mars 2014 de 17h à 19h – Commissaire: HeleneCaroline Fournier

Du 2 avril au 4 juin 2013: Internation’ART, Bibliothèque Georges-Henri-Lévesque, 829 boul. Saint-Joseph, Roberval (Québec-Canada) – Vernissage: le 4 avril 2014 dès 17h en présence d’un auteur québécois connu – Commissaire: HeleneCaroline Fournier
Printemps 2014 : (exposition personnelle) Office de Tourisme de Châteaumeillant (France)

Du 27 août au 7 septembre 2014: Max16×16 – exposition thématique – L’espace contemporain, 313 rue Saint-Jean, Québec (Canada) – Le vernissage: le vendredi 29 août 2014 dès 17 heures.


Expositions personnelles 2015

Avril 2015 : Maison des Arts de Montbazon (37)




Plaquette 2014




Toutes les expositions à venir en 2014




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BIO en anglais


Artist Introduction

Muriel Cayet was born in 1961 near Paris.  A mediator and writer for fifteen years, but also literary adviser and training facilitator, this art-therapist has specialized in the story of life.  Story of life as a tool of change of one’s relation to the other, of one’s vision of self, but also as a tool of personal development.
Colorist painter artist, today she lives in Mareuil sur Arnon (Cher region [Department of Cher] in France).  One could describe the artist as a “travel companion” because art-therapy is an act of accompanying creation.  “To paint is to create oneself,” she said in an interview speaking of the act of painting, of creating.  The absence of premeditation in one’s creative act allows one to think that there is a vital need behind it.  Not only as regards painting but also for writing.
It is an immediate need to satisfy.  Actually, it is in this way that the artist perceives her act of faith through art.  When she speaks of art, she tells us: “from the blank canvas to the final work, the most profound thoughts, knots, blocks, desires take shape, go back to a form of vivid memory which is expressed by the brush, notes, writing, or by movements of the body, but transformed, sublimated or even distant.”  She sends us back to the awareness of self, of our limitations, of our faults, of the very structure of ourselves more or less marked by the life that we serve as a vehicle for, through the experience of the ages and through art, whether it be painted or written.  “Creation, whatever it may be, makes it possible to give a meaning to life and (…) a meaning to death … which has meaning only if it does not represent an absolute end, but a cessation of existence; remembrance, memory, works of art will remain.”
Muriel Cayet, impassioned by creation and by life, is also a great philosopher.  Furthermore, she admits to being filled with wonder at a mere nothing.  She transforms everything into action, emotion, impulse, life’s energy.  In 2009, she was named “Consulting Academician” to the International Academy of Fine Arts of Quebec.  She has been recognized as an art expert by her peers.

Muriel Cayet, to say as some do that she is multidisciplinary because she is professionalized in various techniques of expression such as literature, painting, teaching or even art therapy, that comes from a mind with drawers that is not in the reality of its mental thinking.

It is true that implicates me in an analysis that is my own, but that I hope, she will say, will be as close as possible to the management of the world that is hers.

To paint, is it not to write, to write with a style appropriate to an expression used by the great colorists which makes it possible to complement conventional writing making possible an imaginary other.  Or else to write is to offer to painting directions of reading otherwise expressed, thus offering in the reading of a canvas, sensitivities to which our own culture does not allow us to have access to.

And then to teach or perhaps to guide in the range of hearing and understanding of the listener so that he can draw from the various directions his own space and the coherence of an expression which artistically becomes his identity.

Is this not to write in dialogue form, is this not to express oneself in the same language, to speak in understood idioms.  Muriel Cayet is not, in my thoughts, this academic intellectual, which she nevertheless is, but a cerebral artist, an artist in the most precise definition of the term.   She is part of a world that is for most of us either inaccessible, or that can seem bewildering, as the reference points for integration into our societies have forged for us a sometimes too rational mind, overshadowing the same components and values which up to the point of self-censorship, make us believe that art is metrical, constructed, defined and in its place when in fact it is in art that our mind is constructed, and here in paintings that I feel are instinctive.  This, I have read in the works of Muriel, but this instinctive world in which I have believed to have found her, is it indeed the space in which she resonates?

Finally, if I were permitted to go astray, she has known how to captivate me, she has known how to make it possible for me to look at myself, and to listen to myself.  Indeed, art-therapy, painting, literature, in her are visceral, true, unique and weaken all the superlatives that could dare to impose inappropriate and more inadequate comparisons in the expression of her painting and her mind which tears the veil that the culture of the common vision imposes on us.  For me, her painting requires an open mind, the active look and then you close your eyes. Thank you, Muriel, for having brought me so much, given so much and please believe that if today I have grown, it will leave an indelible mark in the long path of the definition of my Self.

Muriel, on behalf of everyone, thank you again for your being and for saying it so well.

Opening Speech of 7 April 2007 by Gerard Alexeef, Director of the Art and Culture Gallery in Saint-Marcel.